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Kindle U: Week 3 Wrap-up

Undertaking a journey of epic proportions, The Kindle Kwick Start Goddess has decided to use her Kindle for the majority of her text books in her third quarter of her third year. These are her findings.

I’ve been supremely unmotivated this week, even loading books unto my Kindle seems like a huge chore to me, so writing blog posts seems like its an impossible task. But I’ll manage.

Since I’ve had my Kindle for a year, I am a supreme advocate of “YOU DON’T NEED PAPER BOOKS IN ORDER TO READ. YOU CAN HIGHLIGHT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR EBOOKS, YOU CAN MAKE NOTES, AND YOU CAN MAKE BOOKMARKS.” That being said, I’m having such a hard time getting through the required reading for my lit theory class. Granted, this may just be because I’m not terribly interested in reading literary theory (“THEN I WHY ARE YOU A LIT MAJOR?” “Because…shut up!”), but there’s nothing worse than looking at your progress indicator and seeing that you’re only 34% down with the document. Particularly when I have 200+ other books I’d rather be reading.

Even when I’m not dealing with the unwieldy PDFs, ebooks aren’t much better. Loomba’s Colonialism/Postcolonialism is putting me to sleep. Why can’t I just read novels?

I’ve also found that briss sometimes wigs out when there are pictures, or documents that are horizontal instead of vertical. I think some fiddling will probably fix that, but as I’ve said, I’ve been totally unmotivated.

On the plus side, being able to search through Heart of Darkness for the quote or character I’m looking for is hella convenient. It really lets me find things quicker.

No profound insights this week. Sorry. I’m going to curl up with Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih and see if that holds my attention better in paper form.

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