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Amazon Prime and Kindle Books

Since you got your Kindle, Amazon has undoubtedly been spamming your inbox with advertisements telling you that you must get Amazon Prime, because its like THE BEST THING EVER. You get UNLIMITED FREE MOVIES, FREE KINDLE BOOKS, and FREE SHIPPING ON JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Well, free with $80/year subscription anyway.

Since this is a blog about Kindles, I’m only going to focus on the “Free Kindle Books” part. If you just got a Kindle, and you’re thinking about getting Prime for the access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, you may want to read the fine print.

The Kindle Owner’s Lending Library will let you read one book a month for free, out of a selection of 50,000 books. You can look at some of the selection they have in that link.  I personally stopped listening at “one book a month” I got a Kindle so that I could have hundreds of books at my disposal. I finish three books a week on a slow week, so shelling out $80 for the privilege of reading 12 books a year was not very appealing.

That being said, being part of Amazon Student means that I could get Prime for $40, which is extremely tempting, since I know I would spend more than $40 a year on shipping alone.

To recap, if you’re thinking about getting Prime for the Lending Library alone, I’d reconsider. There plenty of other ways to get books for free that don’t involving spending $80 first.

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